Hair Transplantation - Looking young again!

    One of the first things we, our family and our friends notice as we get older is the rapidly receding hairline. In some cases, the hairline does not recede instead it forms odd islands and lagoons.

    Our hair is prominently located on the top of our head and therefore, any changes are immediately noticed. The quantum of hair on the head and its location can dramatically alter a person’s appearance. Fortunately, medical science has made deep strides in this area and can help people recover some of their lost looks.

    How does hair transplantation technique work?

    Each patient is examined to determine the area to be covered and the volume of hair currently available on the patient’s scalp. How much an area can be covered is determined by the availability of hair on the same patient’s scalp.

    If a patient does not have any hair, then obviously there is nothing to transplant. Donor hair density and scalp laxity are the key factors in determining how much hair can be transplanted.

    Before any hair transplantation can be done, each patient’s scalp is closely examined and precise measurements taken. A plan of hair transplantation is drawn up and discussed with the patient. The plan will include:

    a. A mapping of the donor and recipient areas of the scalp.
    b. An indication of the number of Follicular Unit Hair Grafting units that are required to fill in and restore a particular area.
    c. Best technique for hair grafting or transplantation.
    d. Number of sessions.
    e. Time for recovery.
    f. Post operative care
    g. Cost.

    Each aspect of the hair transplantation is explained until the patient is comfortable and has understood everything.

    Effectiveness of Eyebrow hair loss treatment

    Age is definitely a determining criterion. As we get older, the scalp laxity of the patient makes it difficult to contemplate any hair transplantation. For successful hair transplantation, the patient needs to have some hair on the scalp. The volume of existing hair plays a big role in determining how much can be harvested and transplanted. Therefore, the sooner hair transplantation is done, the higher the success and effectiveness of the hair transplantation.

    Hair transplantation Specialists

    There are specialists in all fields include that of Hair Transplant Surgeon and one of the leading hair transplantation specialists in the U.S. is Dr. Norton Abramson, M.D.

    Dr. Norton Abramson is a fully qualified and board certified surgeon with enormous experience as a Hair Transplantation specialist. He is much sought after for hair transplantation by patients from all over the world, including some of the most prominent celebrities in Hollywood.

    Primarily based in San Diego, California where he runs his private hair clinic, he is also a consultant for several other clinics in the U.S.

    For more details and scheduling an appointment, please visit

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