Dogs and their bonds with people. Dogs are always exited to see you when you come through the door. A lady on the titanic named Ann Elizabeth Isham was found with her great dane with her arms around its neck. Her dog wasn't allowed on the lifeboats. She wouldn't get on the lifeboats without her dog. Some archaeologists found a 14,000 year old burial site with a dog and a human in it. I think it is so sweet how much people care about their pets.

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3 years ago

This is definitely an interesting topic--dogs and the bonds they form with their owners. You certainly picked a good story to illustrate it. A few details are unclear, though. Where was Ann Elizabeth found? In the water? I'm assuming that they both died if they weren't in a lifeboat. Make sure you reread your entry to make sure all of your sentences are complete. Check your first sentence. What else could you say about the bonds between humans and dogs?