English Language Learners

It is extremely important to be a teacher who is willing and capable of teaching students from every background.  If you work specifically with children who struggle with the English language or simply have a student here and there that has difficulties, as a teacher you are responsible for the education of all students.  In order to assist students who are having trouble due to language barriers it is vital that teachers research curriculum and methods that will help break down these barriers.  There are a plethora of websites and resources that are available to teachers and students.  As a teacher patience and knowledge are the best tools and that applies to every student you teach.

1. I would supply students with books from every culture.  This helps them to feel more comfortable and to have something that reminds them of home. 

2.  If possible I would have computers for the students to be able to practice what they have learned in the classroom.  When you cannot fully understand what is being taught you need extra time to review and learn the material.

3.  I would try to create a low stress, comfortable environment.  This can be done by simply learning a few key phrases in the students native languages or by partnering students with others that speak their language.

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