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rules of the society

-daimyo have to give 50% of profit to shogun's this rule is intended to keep the daimyo in line.

-samurai that have no master can apply for a new master at the temple of shihtzu I am making this rule so there's less suicide.

-peasants may turn one third of their profits to the daimyo I'm making this rule so that i get more profit.

-sushi is the main food I am making this rule to focus more on fishing and farming.

-you can no longer move up more than one class in 3 years this rule is here to prevent the moving of groups of people.

-the women have to wear more silk the higher you are this is so I don't get confused with what level women are.

-all outcasts will be brought to justice $50 dead $100 alive this rule is so their is no outbreaks.

-samurai have to keep guard of city this is so no one will get attacked.

-artisans have to make a portrait of me and hang it in my place this is so they will gain their art skills.

-a meeting will be held between the emperor and the shogun every 2 weeks this is so we can keep up with things that are currently happening

this is for the damyio whom give money to shoguns

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