Sarah Stuewe


senior year?

This is a photo my classmate Sarah Z took of me while on our 2015 Yearbook Arboretum field trip.

Becca's Awesome Photography Skills

My amazing best friend took this picture of me in downtown Waco on a yearbook field trip.

Through The Eyes of a Lens

Yearbook Staff took a feild trip to the Arboridum to do a portrait project.

2014 Arboretum Trip

My amazingly awesome friend Becca took this picture of me while on a yearbook field trip to Waco's Arboretum in 2014.

Best Friend Becca

Here is my picture of Becca, out of many, that we took for our classmate portrait project on our trip to Waco's Arboretum.

is she upside down, or are you?

While on our 2015 Yearbook fall field trip, my partner and I navigated through Waco's Arboretum on a photo shoot.

Along Came Becca

The day we went to Waco's Arboretum, we also headed downtown for some more photography fun. Here's a picture of my amazingly awesome friend Becca, again.

Black and White

Students went to Baylor University to visit the campus and took pictures of architecture in November.

Old is Gold

On the Baylor Feild Trip, we walked around taking pictures and I decided to take this pretty picture of a building I found on campus.

Its A Fall World After All

I was visiting a family friend and he had this sitting on his table top. It looked really 'festivey'. I thought it would look good and it turns out, it does!

Fenced In

My grandmother and I were driving around the outer skirts of Waco, and we stumbled upon some donkeys and horses.

Mother and Daughter

Another picture from the out skirts of Waco. Beautiful moment caught on camera of a mother donkey nursing her baby.

Cow Licks Her Nose

Another picture from driving around, I really enjoy the facial expression on the cow. Very funny.

Double Take

While roaming around Waco, I came upon some twin donkeys. Their cute selves posed for the picture!

Fire Away

While on Christmas Break, my father decided to have a big bonfire.. As he was tending to the wood, I captured this photo in our backyard.

Physics' Fire Lab

During my second period Physics class, Mr. Lind brought in a tube that contained a gas. When you light the gas and connect a speaker to one end, they collaborate with the sound waves to form waves in the fire. We connected our phones through an auxiliary cord and played music into the waves.

Jarrell Sunset

My brother came to Waco to pick me up for a family gathering in memory of his step dad, Robert Woodbury... While riding to Jarrell, I looked to my right to find this very pretty sunset.

View Over Water

I went on a 'vacation' to Marble Falls and we stopped at a scenic view. I wanted to remember the view so I captured a picture of it. Beautiful.

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