dogs are people too

This is my book the call of the wild it was very interesting to me and i actually enjoyed reading it.


1. Buck was a judges dog.

2. Buck was kidnapped and passed through a couple groups of people until he met with a guy named john who noticed buck and the other dogs were treated poorly.

3. buck was a mix breed with saint bernard and collie

4. Jhon thorton falls in a river and buck saves his life.

5. Buck was in a bet that saying buck could pull 500 pounds.

this book i bet you would like, because it has many interesting things about it like a little about the story is about a dog named buck who gets kidnapped and passed around a couple of guys until Jhon Thorton finds buck and the others, and he saves bucks life and in return bucks saves thorton and very more interesting things happen toward the end and i want you guys to read it to find out what happens to Buck, and Thorton.

this is an idea of what buck the dog main character looked like
this is bucks original house where he got kidnapped from.
this is how bucks dog sled team would look like

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