S. Joyner

These are two surveys of some of the transportation problems and solutions in my area.

The convenience sample surveys were conducted around the main group of people in my 2nd block class and in my own house hold.

These are the questions that were asked during my sample survey...

How do you get around?

How often do you go and how long does it take you?

And how satisfied are you on a scale of 1-10?

This is simply just a picture of all of my information that I gathered in the first survey that I tested.

As you can see; it tallies up all of my numbers for each question. From how they get around, to the person's satisfactory level on a scale of 1-10.

This next picture is a graph on how people in my class get to and from their locations.

This venn diagram clearly show that 13 people are car riders, 2 people are bus riders, and 5 people ride both car and bus.

These next graphs are how long it takes each of them to get to school every single day.

In these two pictures you can see both, what I did in the first picture and what the standard deviation is.

In the top picture you can clearly see that 18 is the average in this senario.

The mean is 18.25 minutes, the median is 20 minutes, and the mode is 20 minutes.

The standard deviation in this case is 6.20.

Next is the Satisfactory level.

On a scale of 1-10.

1 being the absolute worst and 10 being the absolute best.

Each of the twenty people I surveyed were all asked the same three questions for this particular system.

The last question that i asked was how did they feel they should rate their daily transportation on the common 1-10 scale.

This graph was used to verify which number on a scale of 1-10 were most used and least used.

To first point out the obvious, you can already tell just by looking that the most frequently chosen number was 8 and the least used numbers were 2, 5, and 6.

The mean for this graph is 7.35, the median is 8, and the mode is 8.

The 2nd survey I did was on the solution side of things while the first survey but more so figuring out what the problems were.

The solution was coming up with an alternate transportation vehicle students would enjoy, that would be easier on them, and be much cheaper on gas.

In the survey I also asked another set of three questions.

Would you use it?

How much would you use it? (How many days a week?)

Would you enjoy it more than a car?

The alternate transportation device I thought of using was the Motorcycle.

My motorcycle service would wouldn't be as costly as a car and gas would be a whole lot cheaper.

Also my motorcycles would come with a life warrantee if ever damaged and they would be more easy to drive and navigate than a car.

When I first started to do the survey, I quickly started to realize that more people would rather drive a motorcycle to school over a car any day!

The next question I asked was how many days a week they would use the motorcycle if any at all.

This picture shows how many days a week every person said they'd use the motorcycle.

The mean is 4.25, median is 5, and the mode is 7.

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