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"Neighborhood" is a TV show created by Giora Chamizer . Plot talking about the differences between rich and poor groups , the poor against the rich , problems that occur with them . The first half of the first season recorded about 3 downloads on the HOT VOD , and application "neighborhood" ranked first in the category of entertainment downloads , instead of 15 in the list of popular applications in Israel . Series known as "the Israeli -year series " magazine 's 2014 single head .


Vicky-omer goldman

Agam -Lihi Koronvsky

Meital-Liana ayon

Rahely-Tuti nineo

Liron-Tom yefet

Odi-Nir halfon

Mazlihc-Idan srkoka

Aitan-Asaf hertz

                                                                         Theme Song




1.ttza Season 2

2.hiotzr is Giora Chamizer their sticker album

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