Engineering Ruler Scales – Why Do We Need Them?

People who work in the engineering and architectural fields have many tools at their disposal to get their work done. There are designing tools and software to help create realistic models of their creations. There are devices that help to ensure that every little detail is exactly accurate to avoid any deviances from planned models. Then there are the engineering ruler scales that help in ensuring that every small line drawn is exactly up to scale and precisely what they should be to create a flawless and sturdy structure that will last the test of time.

In fact, most professionals from the field will say that engineering ruler scales are some of the most important tools in their arsenal. And that is not all.. Their relationship with the scale has begun as far back as when they were in school! We all began with the old 300mm, 12 inch wooden ruler that became our first friend in geometry class. That old beauty must still be there in your nostalgic memories with all kinds of doodles and notations on the back. This was the time when we didn’t need to scale our drawings to any size. Scale at this stage was full size, so if the line was to be 50mm (2 inches) long we drew it at 50mm long using the printed scale on our rules.

But as some of us moved ahead in the profession of engineering, the need arose to actually draw figures and shapes that were actually scaled down to fit in our drawing paper. This is where the requirement of engineering scale rulers was felt. For example, if we wanted to draw a line that represented the height of the room we are in, which is say 2400mm (8 feet), the line would not fit onto our A4 piece of paper if we tried to draw it at full size, which is a scale of 1:1. We could draw the line at one tenth of full size, 1:10, which would then become a line measuring 240mm (9.45 inches) which would fit onto our piece of paper. But with a ruler of a 1:10 scale, all we need to do is look for the 2400mm measurement and have the accurate line ready.

As the profession of architecture and engineering has advanced, there have been more and more tools coming up that help designers in bringing their vision to real scale terms. The idea is to make the job of the planning and mapping of the structure easy and precise. Engineering scale rulers have been around for quite some time now and will continue to hold relevance as even the most advanced of 3D modelling software do not cut the slack that can be obtained from actually sketching a plan by hand. These are tools that will always be required by professionals to create extraordinary structures and buildings. is an extremely useful website that everyone looking to get engineering ruler scales made. Be sure to check it out.


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