Iron For Breakfast 

by Sarah

An Iron Ingot

  Our bodies need iron. Iron is a metal that helps red blood cells carry oxygen. Without iron, many proteins in our body wouldn't work. We find that iron in the foods we eat every day.

  Magnets are attracted to 3 metals; iron, nickel, and cobalt.t. If you soften  food up, you may be able to draw out the iron with a magnet.

Iron, nickel, and cobalt are attracted to magnets.

    In this experiment I will draw out the iron from a cereal with 100% of the iron you should receive daily. If I had a cereal that wasn't as healthy and had less iron, less iron would appear around the magnet.

Try It At Home!

    All you need for this experiment is cereal, a plastic baggie, water, and a magnet. Crush up the cereal first. If the magnet is strong enough, you might me able to move the crushed up pieces on their own! Next put the cereal into your baggie. Add water and mix it around. Then place the magnet in your palm, put the baggie on top of it, swirl it around, and flip it over. Iron should show up around the magnet!

What You Need:

. Cereal - Try a brand with 100% iron, like the Total brand
. Plastic bag
. Water
. Magnet to draw out the iron

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