The apple of your eye!

Apple picking becomes more exciting when you know what apple is the best for you.

What do eve and snow white have in commin? They both give in to the temptation of apple! What could’ve been the kind of apple they ate with passion> most likely, its was the red and green variety, But donf look know. If they knew about all 7,500 varieties of apples that exist today, their stories could have ended differently. Meantime lets go to know some of the more popular apple varieties and how best to cook with them.

The everlasting fuji. Developed in the loving country of japan, this apple is usually large and roundish shape. This is one of the most used apple. It tends to have a dense and sweeter and crisper than other apple varieties. Fuji has also a very long shelf life unlike other apples. Use for pies cokkies and cakes

The quintessential Mcintosh. The favorite variety is typically quite large with a screaming bright red color and snowy flight flesh. The Mcintosh has got perfect crispiness and juiciness plus distinct tartness. Use for apple cider pies and pink applesause.

The versatile ganny smith. This apple was named after Maria ann Smith who developed it frim a chance seedling. One of the most versatile apple varieties. Use for salads, pies and other baked goodies.

The Endearing gala. The gala is usually smaller compared with other apple varieties. Typically red in color with some greenish or yellow green swatches in its skin, this apple is quite frim and usually survives bruises from falling and shipping. Use for applesause, baked and salads.

By Caren bayhon Yrastorza