Stay positive and happy

Skyler Hoyle

I Believe

I believe in the power of happiness,

the power and love of god,

the power ,

the ability of family to always be there for me,

the ability to be different,

Strength, Courage, Creativity,

But I do not believe in lying.

I believe in the power of a racket and ball,

I believe in friends being there for you,

I believe in making your dreams become real,

happiness, honesty, dedication,

And I believe in always being happy because there is no reason to be anything else.

My Personal Credo

            Everyone tells me that I am always happy and positive. They say even when I play tennis and lose I am still positive. Even when the other players lose I try to cheer them up. My credo is to be happy and positive.

          I came up with this credo because when I see people sad and depressed I get this sense of sadness that hits me. My family is some of the happiest people I have ever met, but there are also very consoling. When one of us is down in the dumps they come and get us out they will cheer anyone up.

          Being happy is important to me because without happiness life is pretty much pointless. I live I life trying to please myself, god, and others. No one wants to live in a gloomy and dull world. We all want some excitement sometimes. I believe it is important live by this because if you gloomy all the time your just bringing other people down in bad moods.

          I don’t think my credo will ever change because my family pretty much lives by it as much as I do. It has and probably be my family’s motto forever. The only reason I have to be sad is when my immediate family passes away even though I know there in a better place now I will still be sad.

          This is significant to me because when your’e happy it changes your perspective on life. I would tell people to follow this credo because it is important to me because it makes people want to be around you. I think this would help others because they would be in a good mood and not be a “debbie- downer” all the time.

By: Skyler Hoyle

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