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Groen Steam Kettle

Model # TDH/40
Serial # 43282

This gas steam kettle has a 40-quart capacity, 2/3 steam jacket design, stainless steel exterior finish, lever-type tilt, and stand. Exterior dimensions are: 36" L x 27" W x 42" H.

Groen HyperSteam Convection Steamer

Model # HY-3E
Serial # 3E6547MS

This HyPerSteam table top convection steamer features stainless steel construction, dual water connection. Large drain port resists lime and scale build-up. Ample space between pans for better air circulation and even cooking. Instant steam from the “ready” mode. 60-minute timer with constant steam setting. Exterior dimensions are: 32" L x 22" W x 16" H.

Groen Tilt Skillet

Model # CHFP/2E-3
Serial # 3756 MG

This Groen tilt skillet has natural gas burner and an electric tilt mechanism, and features stainless steel construction and a 30 gallon capacity tank. Exterior dimensions are:36" L x 32" W x 48" H.

Prawnto Shrimp Cutter & Deveiner

Model # MLG-3
Serial # B 02

The Prawnto shrimp cutter & deveiner is safe and easy to operate, will lower your labor cost and will cut 3,600 shrimp per hour. Stand is included.