Juvie Character Music

Characters from the show matched up with music

Carrie: Karma Police by Radiohead

I think that this song best represents Carrie's character in that the lyrics criticize machines in some portions. Also, I really found the line "For a minute there, I lost myself" reminiscent of her character in that like Carrie, the singer is in a state of shock for something he did when he was not himself. The whole song has an ethereal feel that reminded me of Carrie's character.

Jean: Cable Rat King by Tom Milsom

This song reminded me of Jean's character because of the lyrics. The lyrics convey the sense that the singer is holding on to his last hope in the phrase "It's a mess but I've got integrity", and this reminded me of how Jean's character is beaten down, but he still has a somewhat positive perspective. This video may contain smoking, very dangerous and whatnot.

Sunny: Gold Mine Gutted by Bright Eyes

This song reminds me of Sunny's situation. She didn't take part in a crime, but by being there, she was guilty. This song reminds me of how her and Hank ran away , and how she did her best just to keep her sanity after her friend started becoming more paranoid and reckless. The lyrics, "Living the good life, I left for dead, the sorrowful midwest, well I did my best, to keep my head" especially reminded me of her character.

Skip- Loser by Beck

This song reminded me of Skip's personality in that even though the singer is admitting he is a loser, there is a certain swagger and pride to be found in this statement, and Skip is proud and abrasive as a character. In general, I think that the song really represent the show in that there is an anger underneath all the swagger in the song, and it represetns the fear that the characters sometimes try to hide.

Jane: The King of Carrot Flowers Part One by Neutral Milk Hotel

This song represents Jane's character to me in that it speaks of a young child who grew up in an abusive home with unhappy parents. It has a certain sadness to it and a tone of regret, so I found it to be representative of her quiet character.

Andrew: Takeshi and Elijah by The Music Tapes

I think that this song has a certain innocence to it that I found in the mae singer's high vocal register. All Andrew wants is to have a place where he belongs with people who love him, and I was reminded of this personality trait in the phrase "And know they'll take you into their arms" from the song. There is also a certain sad and longing tone in the song that reminded me of Andrew.

Pinky: Sour Cherry by The Kills

This song reflects Pinky’s character in that it has a certain swaggering undertone of sexuality. The singer of this song is clearly confident in herself, like Pinky is, and the singer seems almost dangerous in this confidence. I think that Pinky is self-assured, yet bitter about all the things that have happened to her, and this is conveyed in the tone of this song.

Ann: High and Dry by Radiohead

I chose this song to represent my character because the way the singer yearns for human contact and for people to care about him inspired my character’s backstory in part. I think that my character has been ignored and even abused by her wealthy parents, and she really just wants someone to care about her. The line in the song that made me think of this in particular was in the chorus “Don’t leave me high, don’t leave me dry”.

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