Culture Project : Kenzie Sullivan

Culture vs. Society

Two things that seem very similar but actually have two different meanings are Society and Culture. Culture is a group that has shared characterisitcs for example it might share physical objects, beliefs, values or behaviors. Society is a group of mutually interdependent people who organized in such a way to share common culture. So the difference is the Culture shares characteristics and Society is interedependant.

Components of Culture

Symbols- a Symbol is anything that stands for something

Values - shared beliefs about what is good and bad.

Norms- shared rules of conduct that tell people how to act in specific situations

ex. school handbook

Folkway - are norms that not not have great morals common customs in life.

ex. Table Manners

Mores - are norms that have great moral significance attached to it

Language- what you speak,the method of human communication

ex. english

In America we believe in freedom. This is a picture of the face of Lady Liberty that was constructed at Ellis Island.  I think Lady liberty represents American culture and beliefs  extremely well because she is one of  the symbols  our of freedom (besides our flag) and most of all LIBERTY! In America have a right to do almost every thing in America from freedom of speech to the right of religion. This type of freedom and liberty is something that shapes the American Culture.

American Values

One of the things that America Values is time and it's importance. This represents time in America. Time is valuable, achievement of goals depends of how productively you use the time that you have. An efficient society and progressive society lives on time.

Careers in America

You can have virtually any career in America as long as you make right decisions and work for it. In America it is believed that work is morally right. There is more emphasis on doing rather than being. In a way getting a career is a more just because throughout your whole life you are preparing to get a job and it is almost just something that is expected of you.

Popular/ Pop culture

This is a late night Tv talkshow's rendition of popular culture today titled #Hashtag. In this video it is making fun of people for using hashtags too much  It is considered popular culture because in today's age we have stay connected using social media and in these social media apps we use hashtags to spread things around.. Sorry about the implied swearword.

Society Main Players

Karl Marx- German

Marx's believed in overall structure is influenced how  the economy is organized. He was most interested in a Capitalist society.Marx is important to sociology because of the Theory for the structure of society conflict between owner and laborers.  Karl Marx had the Conflict Perspective. The conflict perspective is people who focus on those forces in society that promote competition and change. People with a Conflict Perspective in modern day life are people like coaches.

Max Weber- German

Max Weber was interested in groups within society than social whole. He would rather analyze the effects of society on the individual. Weber is important to sociology because he said that he must try to uncover the feelings and thoughts of individuals. Max Weber and the Interactionist Perspective. Interactionist Perspective means focus on how individuals interact with one another in society. People that have a Intereactionist perspective today are people like teachers.

Herbert Spencer- English

Spencer was influenced by Charles darwin (evolutionist) He believed society was an interdependent parts that work together to maintain the system of time. He is basically a survival of the fittest type of guy. He came up with Social Darwinism. Herbert has an Functionalist perspective which is that he views society as a set of interrelated parts that work together to produce a stable system. People with functionalist perspectives are like transportation or like one location to the other.

Cultural Patterns / Cultural Traits

Cultural Traits of America

A cultural Trait is something specific to a culture.

In America we like our elbow room and our personal space. We do not greet each other with kisses on the cheek like the people in Spain shown in the top left picture. We shake hands. Cheating is bad and punishment is strong. We think doing our own work is important otherwise you will have a punishment shown the the picture on the bottom left. In American it is never too late for a person to go to school such as the old lady in college in this picture on the top right. In America it is normal for a child to have a messy room but it is not appreciated. In the last picture is a child with a messy room.

Cultural Pattern

Cultural Patterns are something you find the a variety cultures.

I think the best cultural pattern thorough the world and America is competition. Every where you look there is competition. It is a competition to make more money, to win every sports game, to compete and get a better job or even compete to see who can eat the most food! Almost everything in this world is run by competition. In this picture it shows a variety of people competing for the same thing.

Material Culture and Non Material Culture

Material Culture

Material Culture is the physical objects of the culture and the ideas associated with these objects.

An example of Material Culture is a cell phone. It keeps people connected when you are not in the same area. In today's culture we want the newest materials and or technology so the picture I put for an example of material culture is the brand new iPhone 6.

Non material culture

Non material culture is abstract human creations.

The picture and example I chose is something in American culture today which is what some teenagers apparently call swag. (: (This was the example on the paper and I couldn't think of anything else)