Looking back with my squad

- dear mom and dad

thankyou for evrrything u have done for me throughout my years in st clare

you both helped me become a respectful and smart young man

knowing that graduation is coming up it is sad to say that soon i will be leaving st clare

my classmates and i still got to go to the picnic wicked and prom

graduating st clare will be very sad since i will never have class with most of my class mates now

ill never forget any of these memories i had made in st clare

the kids and teachers in this school are great and i will always remember them

im little nervous for highschool but im also excited

im gonna make new friends play sports and become a brother of farrell

Farrell is going to be a blast

i wish i could stay with the same kids in highschool but all fun comes to a end at some point

i will always remember this kids and teachers throughout my life

i am so thankful and grastful that i have you guys as my parents for sending me to st clare

thanks mom and dad for all your support love you guys.

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