Memorial For Roger Lee Knight

A Vietnam War Hero

Roger Lee Knight was born in Indiana and resided in Maryland.

Knight was commissioned into The Vietnam War in 1961. He served in Company D, 169th Engineer Battalion, 159th Engineer Group, and the 20th Engineer brigade. He was highly ranked and was promoted to captain and colonel. Knight was commissioned in the beginning of the war and continued to serve his country until 1975. Knight mainly served in Dinh Quin, Vietnam.

The 169th Engineer Battalion focused mainly on Construction in Long Binh. They rebuilt bridges and roads. Knight was in charge of creating base camps. It took six months to complete this project. It took longer due to the harsh weather conditions in Vietnam.

He was assigned as a Paltoon in Company D. His first project was a massive reinforced concrete underground bunker for the TOC. He faces a lot of difficulties while doing this due to the harsh weather in Vietnam. It took six months to complete this project. When he finished with the TOC, he went unto a road building project with QL20 restoring roads. . He was ambushed once by NVA Unit and they lost some men in his unit due to a grenade.

The bride in the picture above was built to replace aprevious French built bridge, bombed by the Vietcong.

When the war ended, he served with the Army Engineer school. He also fought in the Persian Gulf War from 1990-2001. He was involved with Plans and Operations, Office of Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, and Department of Army from the Pentagon in Arilington, VA. He was ranked as a Colonel.  

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