Beaver Wars

Victor Mejia

How did trade cause conflicts in colonial America?

Trade caused conflicts in colonial America because when the Iroquois began running out of their furry supply they had to go to the Alonquians in the Ohio Valley and drive them out to get more beaver fur. According to the Beaver Wars artical,The Iroquois claimed the Ohio country and terrorized the other tribes in the area. The French sent troops to help the Alonquians regain their territory, and the Iroquois soon asked for peace. The Iroquois started the war again in 1683 and again asked for peace in 1698. In 1701 the Grande Paix was signed it included representatives from the French, the English, and nearly 40 Indian chiefs." The Shawnee regained control of their land over time, and the Iroquois returned to their original land and quit trying to do their monopoly of beaver fur.

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