Summer School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer school is SO fun we're learning about ancient Rome,there's a picture at the bottom for an example.....

Rome is kinda like India,but more beautiful, and Rome doesn't have any desserts and the hot sun!


Electives are classes that help you become more smart,my electives are:                                                                                                            Mystery Book Club,Spectacular Sports,and Math Camp Arcade.

Mystery Book Club

Mystery Book Club is full of wonder and,well,mystery.Ms.Shaff  always reads a book called ''Cam Jensen and the mystery of the dinosaur bones''.

Spectacular Sports

Doing sports stuff and playing sports games,almost everyday,we play Pin Blast.

Math Camp Arcade

Math Camp Arcade is where my homeroom is,if you're in this homeroom you get to sit at you're desk,if you're not,you get to sit on the floor.We get to play fun math games like Prodigy and Fun Brain!

Prodigy math game is the BEST math game EVER!You can catch monsters,make them evolve,make them stronger,and find the Wardens.


A homeroom is a big place where you learn,like I said,we're learning about ancient Rome,yesterday,we learned that a twin,Romulus,built/found Rome.

I finally finished!So long,SUCKERS!