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Dynamite was invented in 1867 by a swedish chemist Alfred Nobel.

What Is it?

Dynamite was first invented in 1863 as a tool for construction.

When was it invented?

Dynamite is a highly explosive device used to blow up rock to build tunnels and cannals for trains to pass through.


Nobel invented this tool to be a construction tool not a weapon. He didnt think people would be that cruel to use it to blow up peoples houses and belongings. With this great idea military leaders wanted in to kill "the bad guys". Nobel did not want his discovery to become a weapon but because he became rich he really didnt care. In his later years he created missles and torpedos. Nobel created a prize claiming peace to counteract harm done with his invention.

How it's used

There is a fuse at the end of the dynamite stick that once lit slowley burns down until it hits the stick and blows up.

Todays version

We still use dynamite to this day but not as much as we did in the late 1800s. We now have new explosives that are better suited for the job.

Essential question

Dynamite had a great impact on the Northern and Southern parts of the United States. One reason why is because to build the train tracks to connect the Northern and Southern parts of the United States they had to blast through a lot of rock to make a tunnel. Another reason why is because both parts of the United states wanted to mine for gold and to get below the surface they had to blast the ground apart.

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