Dear Louis,

    It has been awhile since I have talked to you. Or write to you, that is. I have thankfully gotten away from my "family" for a bit, sine I am signed up for a three week part as a nurse in the war. On the union side, though. Although it may seem like it would bother me that I have to heal the opposite side, I do despise the North, but I do not want any deaths. At least I am not fighting for them.

    My house is more permanent than most, as I sleep in a small cabin that  five or six soldiers made. We called it the Nurse's tent. Very original, I know. The work has been minimal, because all we really have to tend to is when the soldiers cut themselves with their own bayonets during a drill practice. Which is more often than you'd think, actually!

     Today was actually not very eventful- only one soldier had a self-inflicted injury. I spent most of the time with two twins I met today both young for the army at age ten. We tied grass outside my cabin. It reminded me that green was my favorite color. I have attached a picture.

     The conditions here are very poor, and not what I am used to in SC or even my new home. The cabins look like they are not fit for a slave, and I am deathly afraid that I will catch the flu. I would still be able to heal myself if I do. There have been punishments that some soldiers have received, and one man I saw was running around wearing a barrel. Many soldiers actually do catch the flu, and some are so sick of the drill practices that they fake the flu and come to us begging to cover them. Needless to say, us nurses are very good liars, but you already knew that.

    From, DD