My Paragraphs About Ancient Greek Olympics

The ancient Greek
Olympics were different than the Olympics today. Greeks took only educated men
for the Olympics. To join the Olympics people couldn’t be a slave, women or
criminal. Even if the person was a citizen he still had to go to a gymnasium or
work with a paidotribe. The first Olympics were held in 776 BC in the
city-state of Elis. The early Olympics only had a race called “Stade” which
actually meant Station. It took 200 meters to be run and covered the Olympia
track from one end to the other. The winner of the race was called the

In ancient Greece women
had their own games. The games were called Heraia. The games were held in honor
of the god Hera. Men didn’t know much about those games. A woman named
Kallipatria had once sneaked into the Olympics as a man and got caught when she
wanted to congratulate her son. Because she was part of a family which had won
the Olympics so many times, she wasn’t punished. People who won the horse race
got a horse named after them. The first woman that joined the Olympics had the
name Kyniska.

The Greek games were
connected to religion. All of the Greek games were a gift to a god. The
Olympics were held as a gift for god Zeus. Athena, Poseidon, Hera, and Apollo also had games which were meant to
them. Even gymnasiums, had shrines that were meant to gods. But the main reason
why they chose games for a gift to the gods is because they thought that gods
liked naked bodies and physical activity.

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