And Their Reproduction, Parental Care and other Duck related things.


Mallards can be found in almost any wetland habitats, including permanent wetlands such as marshes, bogs, riverine floodplains, beaver ponds, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, city parks, farms, and estuaries. They also may be found feeding along roadside ditches, pastures, croplands and rice fields. The male duck has a very long penis, almost half its body size, it is thought that is because of its aquatic environment. When the male duck ejaculates, the sperm has less chance of getting swept away by the water if it can be delivered further in the females reproductive tract.


Ducks cross-fertilise and all the fertilisation is internal. An advantage of this strategy is if the fertilisation was external, suck as fish fertilisation, the sperm or egg could be lost or swept away in their wet environment.


The embryo development is external, as an amniote egg. Ducks are oviparous animals, this means they lay eggs. Ducks lay eggs because if the mother bird carried her babies like humans do she wouldn’t be able to fly or move as freely. The external development also gives the baby ducks a chance of life if the mother duck is killed. The length of gestation for the duck is 28-30 days.


· There is little male parental care as male ducks usually put little or no energy at all into rearing offspring and most male ducks abandon the female when she begins incubation or shortly after her eggs hatch. And most female ducks usually remain with their broods until they are nearly on the wing. However, female ruddy ducks, diving ducks and sea ducks may remain with their broods for only a few days or weeks. A female duck may lay 7- 16 ducklings every breeding season, this is one brood. This behavior may be referred as r-section parenting. Ducklings with this low level of parental care are well insulated and adapted to deep-water habitats; thus, they can avoid predators by swimming to open-water areas or by diving, and need little parental care.


  • Surprisingly, after breeding season, the duck penis withers away and falls off as the penis has done its job, and now the male duck has better things to occupy his blood flow with.
  • Rape is not typically something you associate with male ducks. But male ducks are the rapists of the bird world and often, a gang of three or four of them attacks a female duck, sometimes resulting in her injury or death.


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