Come To Mesopotamia

When you come to Mesopotamia you can then experience the absolute FUN!!!!


When you come to Mesopotamia you will land right in the middle of Sumer. If you are wondering where Mesopotamia is located, well it is located right in the middle of the Euphrates river and Tigris River. Sumer is in the lower part of Mesopotamia. If you wanted to move with the crowd then you should go to the awesome landmark that used to be the hanging gardens of Babylon, or the Ziggurat, or some of the remains of the irrigation systems     


If you would want to know some advantages to coming then here are some.

1. You could find old technology, like the wheel or the plow or an irrigation system like a dam or something.

2. You could find some really cool artifacts like maybe a ancient piece of a ziggurat or parts of a house that used to be built where you were standing. or a sliver of Hammurabi's code.

3. In Mesopotamia or should I say the city-state of Sumer, you could see some things that you don't usually see on a regular day basis, like you could see a ritual, or some amazing agriculture, you won't know.



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