Good Afternoon Univarsity of Wisconsin Science Department. I am presenting the Siglafis to your own eyes. It may not be the safest organism but it knocks out bad germs or diseases so that the Siglafis can then eat it without a battle. I was inspired to research this because I looked at other organisms so I researched and found the un-known Siglafis.

           You can find it anywhere but mostly on doorknobs. It reproduces by...once one Siglafis dies five baby Siglafis's come out of the ground. It moves with it's fast spiked legs. It moves very fast because if it is in a soft and squishy terrain the spikes push and run through the terrain. Also there are suction cups on the bottom so it sticks to slippery and rough terrains.

            It belongs to the Chomplener family. It bellongs to that family because they can chomp through things very fast. It eats other Siglafis's also other bugs and bad germs/diseases. It eats like a human in through the know th rest.

             Bellow is a picture of the Siglafis with labeld parts. I am asking for the grant money to continue my research. Also to inform future generations about the Siglafis or other new micro-organisims. Lastly, to become a future scientist. I hope in the future that I will receive grant money from you so that I can continue my research. Thank you for time.

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