Element Scavenger Hunt

The stuff in the salad can be separated.

Something that can be bent or hammer

It is a solid because it is structurally rigid

calcium is mostly in milk, cheese, and yogurt

The sulfur and charcoal act as fuels in onion

Salt is sodium chloride. Chlorine is the halogen.

Able to be drawn out into a thin wire

Liquids is made up of tiny vibrating particles of matter, such as atoms, held together by intermolecular bonds.

hese pipes are in the middle of chemical change as they rust
Substance and mixture which are in a simple phase
Are different structural modification of an element. The atoms of the element are bonded together.
Elemental potassium is a soft silvery-white alkali metal
Firework can be made out of alkaline earth metals
Iron copper Chemically they show variable valence and a strong tendency
Physical change is when ice when it ain't cold it's a liquid an cold when it freeze.

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