Microsoft Excel

What is Excel

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets hold more than a million rows of data and automate number crunching, but they can do so much more. Excel's simple interface lends itself to uses well beyond those that its designers ever imagined. People have used Excel for all sorts of purposes, from teaching pilots their way around a Boeing 747 to creating clip art. Although other programs perform such specialized tasks more quickly, accurately, and effectively, faithful Excel users often spurn those options, preferring to use the spreadsheet program they know rather than unfamiliar software. If you're in business, Excel is likely one of your day-to-day productivity tools. Maybe after reading about creative ways other people have used Microsoft's spreadsheet application, you'll look at its potential for your work in a new light.

"By Helen Bradley, PCWorld"

1. Postal Service scheduling times to get people's mail or picking up packages

2. What products the company has sold to what places like records

3. Keeping up with your financial needs

4. Keeping up with employees hours

5. Making charts showing how popular or unpopular your business is becoming

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