Different Types of Gemstones- A Guide

There are various Types of gemstones in the market and if you have an idea about the different categories that can help the collector or the enthusiast expand his range greatly. Few precious gemstones are very special in the chemical composition and the crystalline structure that comes into their categories whereas others can be together be lumped into one. Some of the important precious and semi precious kinds of the gemstones are:

Diamond: This type of gemstone jewelry and is known as the hardest naturally occurring material known to man. Well diamonds are high carbon crystals which were fused under extremes of the pressure as well as heat. Diamonds of very high quality are very rare and that’s why they are known as one of the precious stones in the world. Every year thousand of diamond stones are being mined.

Corundum: This is second hardest kind of gemstone and they are primarily defined as composed of the aluminum oxide as well as various trace minerals. Trace minerals create different sorts of corundum and probably two most famous examples of such kind of stones are sapphires and rubies. Well rough corundum is generally used as industrial strength abrasive substance but they are never used as gemstones because of its tough nature.

Quartz: This is one of the common types of minerals on the planet and is available in wide range of colors. The main tendency of quartz is to form hexagonal shapes and in case it’s unflawed then it makes a superb prism. The actual reason why quartz is still categorized as valuable gemstone because it is easy to find quartz but to find large, unflawed and perfect quartz crystal of a jewelry quality is very difficult. Few examples of the quartz gemstone generally used in the jewelry are citrines, onyx, carnelians and amethysts.

Beryl: This stone is known for its looks and has common elements with quartz and chrysoberyl. Its common chemical composition is just like chrysoberyl with aluminum and beryllium prevalent but mixed with the other trace elements. Well its vital crystalline structure, on the contrary is just closer to the quartz which is hexagonal in the nature. Its basic beryl is very transparent where as other colored variants involves aquamarines and emeralds. They are available in yellow as well as red shades and they are referred to as yellow or red emeralds.

Chrysoberyl: Well interestingly this is one f the hardest gemstone and it uses aluminum oxide as base element such as corundum’s because it has got high quantities of the beryllium blend with it. Look wise this gemstone often come in green and yellow shade although the look is known for having tendency to change the color somewhat under certain kinds of the lighting. Alexandrite and cat’s eye are again two basic kinds of the stone used in the jewelry.

Jade: This gemstone originally has lumped in to the category of beryl because both the gemstone can be mined at similar places and also they possess same textures, appearance and opacity. Later on analysis related to chemical has also shown that element that are made from different kinds of precious jade, precisely jadeite and nephrite, were different from the beryl overall, therefore earning jade its own category along with gemstone collectors. Well jade based stones often composed of magnesium and calcium elements.

Organic gemstone: Pearls and amber are the best examples of these types’ gemstones. Actually organic gemstones are the ones that occur naturally in the organic sources. Pearls are found from the oysters where as amber is actually a yellow stones found from fossilized tree sap.

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