Do you or someone else only feel one side of your body? Strokes cause brain damage and disabilities in your body. Call a doctor. If you are unsure then read my article.

Causing Strokes

Ischemic Strokes

About 87% of the strokes are caused by ischemia. Ischemia is the clotting or other obstructions in arteries or blood vessels. One of the obstructions is interruption of the blood supply. When a clot blocks the blood flow in an artery that that is already narrowed. The reason why the artery would already be narrowed is because plaque build up. Then when there is too much blood blockage the blood vessel bursts from too much blood stored in it. When the blood vessel bursts the cells around it die because they don’t get enough oxygen. Where ever the clottage is in the body determines where the damage is going to be.

Hemorrhagic Strokes


  Hemorrhagic strokes are less common than ischemic strokes. The 13% remaining strokes are caused by hemorrhagic. There are two types of hemorrhagic strokes. One is intrecerebral hemorrhagic and the other are subarachnoid hemorrhagic strokes. 10% of the 13% are intrecerebral hemorrhagic and the remaining 3% of the 13% are subarachnoid hemorrhagic strokes. A hemorrhagic stroke is caused by the result from rupture of a blood vessel or an abnormal vascular structure.



  Arteries are tubes that carry blood throughout the human body. If arteries become narrow it can cause blood blockage. As we get older our arteries will get more narrow. It is possible for arteries to be at fault at birth. Strokes can happen in young aged people because the arteries have already been narrowed or damaged. When the blood leaks out to the brain after a burst in a blood vessel that area of the brain gets damaged. The artery bursts because there is too much pressure pressuring against the inside of the artery.



  Most people don’t have symptoms before having a stroke. Some people do and it helps save people’s lives because they can contact someone for help. One symptom before having a stroke is numbness or weakness in the face, especially on only one side of the body. Some people say that they get headaches, shortness of breath or chest pain. If you have these symptoms call a doctor and get help immediately.

Prevention of Strokes


  Hypertension is high blood pressure and is one of the leading causes of a stroke. Preventing high blood pressure is a hard task, but it’s not impossible. One way to prevent hypertension is to maintain a healthy weight. If you lose up to 10 pounds it can lower your blood pressure if you have hypertension then you will have a good chance of having a stroke. Some more ways to prevent hypertension is to not smoke, and limit how much alcohol you drink. Woman should only have one drink a day and men should only have two drinks a day.

  Another way to limit your chance of having strokes is to limit the amount of sodium your body consumes every day. You should only have up to 2,000 milligrams of sodium each day. If you do all of these tips then you will have a good chance of not having a stroke.

  Another way to recover is to participate in occupational and physical therapy. Rehab units have a lot of help so people feel safe and they have help to stay on the schedule that they have to do. Some people move to rehab units if the people at home can’t take care of that person. Rehab units have loads of games and activities to do that can rebuild brain connection.


(Tissue plasminogen activator)

This is a clot busting medicine to help stroke victims reduce post stroke problems.  TPA must be taken within 3 hours of having the symptoms to reduce post stroke problems.


  People feel and act differently after having a stroke. Next I am going to inform you some ways to recover from a stroke. One way is eating a well -balanced diet. Healthy eating can prevent you from having a stroke. It can also help you speed up recover after having a stroke.


The most popular games to help recover the brain abilities of a stroke survivor are memory, Go Fish, Bingo, and sometimes Scrabble. Memory helps improve your memory and matching skills. Go fish improves matching skills and also memory because if someone asks for something you have but they ask someone else, then when it is your turn you can ask the other person for that card. Go Fish matches two things. One is color and the other is the number.

  In all games of Go Fish you don’t have to match the color/suit but it helps more with matching skills. Bingo improves your ability to read and write and also know what the numbers and letters are. If you play Scrabble it would help with your vocabulary, reading, writing, and spelling. All of these factors will improve the brain in so many ways for a stroke survivor.


  Another way to recover is to participate in occupational and physical therapy. Rehab units have a lot of help so people feel safe and they have help to stay on the schedule that they have to do. Some people move to rehab units if the people at home can’t take care of that person. Rehab units have loads of games and activities to do that can rebuild brain connection.

Brain Effect


  For the families of a stroke survivor it may be hard, not only because of the tragedy of a stroke but of what the stroke has caused a person to act like and think like. Stroke patients may be impulsive, stubborn or insensitive, they may not be aware of the effect they are having on the people around them. The damage that a stroke has caused in certain parts of the brain can actually reduce emotional control and increase fearfulness or irritability. For a patient that had a stroke it may be hard to adjust to the change of learning and it is more difficult for them to relearn every day.

  Some people who are independent before they have a stroke become to feel that they are dependent without the control of their lives. A stroke has direct impact on brain function,  so if someone has a stroke then the brain should definitely be damaged ,which affects the behavior and personality because having a stroke can be frightening. Stroke survivors will also be worried and scared because they will feel like they are face to face with death.


Strokes cause aphasia. Aphasia is a difficulty in understanding or expressing language.  A stroke that may affect some or all of the language areas including speaking, understanding, reading and as well as writing. If a stroke survivor has difficulty understanding anything try to do activities to strengthen those areas of the brain.


  Now after reading my feature magazine article you should know a lot about strokes. If you or anyone you know has a stroke call a doctor right away so that they can recover. After learning all the warning signs and how to deal with someone after a stroke do you feel like you are prepared? Obviously you already knew to call a doctor, but now while you wait for help you know what to look for to make sure that they are having a stroke.

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