Using Tackk for Differentiated Instruction

Insert photos or images

Students have the opportunity to select and insert text, images, video, and audio.

Using technology and a web site such as tackk, students of any level can create their own digital story in their own time.

Add Audio

They can add audio from sound cloud to make their tackk more interesting.

They can work in pairs, uploading pictures using the search, or a URL from a google search.

Or they can work alone, and at their own pace.  Tackk is web based so students can also work from home.

Insert Videos

Students can use videos from Youtube or Vimeo, animate, instagram and vine to help tell a story.  This is an example of a digital story.

Upload feature

Images can be uploaded from your computer, and the tackkboard can be made public or private.

Publish Tackk and Share

You can share by email, but also on twitter, Facebook, pinterest, tumblr, etc., and you can also embed it on a classroom website for teacher and students to view.

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