David Korins

The Set designer for The Broadway Musical Annie

Design Jobs

David Korins has done a lot of jobs over the years. His done countless set designs for broadway musicals and lot of Off-broadway productions in his earlier years. His designed sets for T.V shows, operas , films, and festivals. His even worked as the set designer for Kanye Wests concerts!! He started working in Theatre design when he created The Edge Theatre Company with Carolyn Cantor (his future wife) in 2001. At that time, he started working at Off-Off Broadway shows. Faster, a Off Broadway show in 2002 was one of his first few that he did at the Off Broadway level. He eventually climbed the broadway ladder landing jobs at the big Broadway level of the theatre. His most recent design project was Motown The musical. Motown the Musical hasn’t yet set on the road. In fact, there still holding open cast auditions if anyone’s interested!

Other Musicals!

Chinglish - Broadway 2012

Without You - West End 2012

Stunning - Off broadway 2009

Hamlet - Off broadway 2008

Romantic Poetry - Off Broadway 2008

Faster - Off Broadway 2002

Before the Big Time

David graduated from the University of Massachsuetts Amherst. After graduating he was considering going to Yale to continue his studies. But he was also thinking about going to New York. He didn’t make it into Yale so he started setting of to New York, to chase his impossible dream. But he entered New York not knowing what he was getting himself into. His was low on money and wasn't getting enough jobs for a decent amount of pay. He ended up working on small productions were he was basically the only one in the crew, doing all the jobs to produce a performance. He wasn’t exactly living the dream of being a set designer. Closest he got was painting the props and set.

To get out of this struggle, he decided to use his talent to do little designing jobs like designing furniture, working on photo shoots and working for small productions in the theatre every so often.

Eventally he created his own company called The Edge Theatre Company. He made this company with his future wife, Carolyn Cantor a director. Whenever they did a design job, they thought of what they could do, getting the same result as using a high budget would. They improvised with what they had, being in the situation they were in. Things were finally improving for David.

Their Edge company started getting them known and more people were starting to see the shows they produced. There shows were higher of quality and attracted more and more people. Somewhere along the line, someone decided to get David on the right track for designing for the big time, Broadway.

He is now a set designer for Broadway for countless musicals and is living the dream. As for Carolyn and David, they ended up getting married and had a gorgeous daughter.

David, his wife Carolyn and his beautiful daughter, Stella

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