The Norovirus

Created by Jaxen Morphis

A guide to the Norovirus including the description, the symptoms, and how to prevent the virus.

The norovirus is the second most common virus in the United States. First place being the common cold. As regarded in the references, it is a huge vulnerability due to it's resistance against disinfectants and infectibility.


Contamination is easy to come by when it comes to this virus. The transmission of the virus can either happen through contact with another infected person or through contaminated food and water. It may also be transmitted by touching a surface that is contaminated with the norovirus.


Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and stomach pain. Vomiting is more common to children while diarrhea is common to adults.

Yet another helpful poster showing how to clean-up and prevent the Norovirus.

This video discusses the spreading of the Norovirus across the United States and how threatening it could potentially be.

Dr. Ricky Gondhia gives some information on the Norovirus and advice on how to prevent it.


The Norovirus has been known for being common in the Winter season. The reason being is that germs are being spread thoroughly from the coughing and running noses obtained from the cold weather.

The norovirus is common in the Winter season compared to the Spring and Summer, show in the chart above.

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