The land of jadi

      ut possimus vivere et mori pro uter alteri anteferretur

red :  stands for the bravery of the fellow jadians.

yellow : stands for the prosperity the fellow jadians want to reach and conquer.

blue : stands for the loyalty they have to Jadi.


Jadi is a majestic person , he is able too soar through the sky and protect the fellow jadians. He could also read peoples minds with his incredible brain. He puts his life in danger just to keep the city in touch.

                  The story of our savior

Our savior has been through hell and back, ever since his childhood he lived a miserable life with not enough support to help him succeed in life. But one day he was caught stealing food for his family that never had the chance to eat daily. He was sent to prison and he needed to break out to support his family. So one day Jadi decided to break out with one of his fellow inmates. the successfully worked but the inmate was caught and executed at sight . One of his last words were " avenge me Jadi , don't let them corrupt you " Jadi came a couple of months later to find the same person that killed his beloved friend . In a result the executioner that killed him was the king of Tokyo japan. In japan their was a special rule stating " whoever kills the present king shall become king himself." Jadi killed the ruler and willingly accepted his future kingdom and changed his domain forever. In his 1st month of charge he did the unexpected and threw some new laws changing the old ways of the bible. People did not accept his ways of being the new ruler.  They slowly started leaving , but one day he saw a child stealing food for his family. He was reminded about his younger self on how many struggles he had to deal with being the only child capable to outrun the guards. So he caught the child and bought him food that will last for a whole month. Many people saw this and had a heart of change and stayed . Jadi had a new beginning for his town eradicating poverty, sadness, and many more hurtful things. Jadi thought differently from the previous rulers he had an open mind about things that troubled him and attacked the problems with such aggressiveness that no one would dare to disturb the peace in the Land of Jadi.

                             Jadis Anthem

  All hail Jadi! All hail Jadi!

Jadi wants you to be happy not sad. Stay loyal to your flag.

All hail Jadi! All hail Jadi!

Jadi wants you to be brave through tough times, even tho it will be a while stay loyal to your flag.

All hail Jadi! All hail Jadi!

                       Constitution  of
                   The Land of Jadi
Name The name of this country will be The Land of Jadi.
The purpose of this country is to provide prosperity to the fellow Jadians and to lead them to the correct pathway to success. The reason for the land of Jadi to exist is to take our fellow civilians to the next step into a perfect life.The goals of our country out to prosper and be a perfect country.

Some requirements to be a citizen in our country are to be willing to work till you drop to your knees, also they must be able to accept every rule jadi releases. The government requests for all jadians to wake up in the morning and pray to jadi. We also request that they must support the troops that fight every day for our country.
The ruler and leader is jadi. We will have a monarchy consisting of our ruler jadi. for elections in our country shall not exist Jadi shall be our only ruler. For our congress elections Jadi shall elect who is right for us.
The governments is only responsible for the welfare of our fellow jadians. We shall provide them with everything they need. We promise them a perfect life. Their life will consist of joy and happiness. They are responsible for the well being of each other.
One law that protects our fellow citizens is law 1 no rare forms of torture.( the land of Jadi has enhanced rehab system)law 2 shall be followed at all times consisting of praying to Jadi. Law 3 consist of all children to attend school. Law 4 is the right to bear arms. Law 5 everyone must have a year in military experience. Law 6 support the troops. Law 7 rehab checkups are required every year. Law 8 shall make every citizen have an id at all times. Law 9 you may not be unfaithful. law 10 every form of drug is illegal.
The education for our country will have public schools, yes it will be free.The Jadians will not have to pay for education. Both colleges and universities will be for free.People that refuse education will be forced to do forced labor for minimum wage.
The symbol for our flag is the yellow cross that means we shall prosper as one. The meaning behind our flag is that the community of the jadians shall prosper and conquer as one.
JADI is love , JADI is life.

                   The Ministry of love
When people don’t agree with the  ways of Jadi we simply take them to our most exclusive and advanced building in the Land of Jadi. In the first part of the process we must help our patient to his admit his wrong doings. In the first stage we use the interrogation room just to talk to them as friends. If we have stubborn patients we will give a nice cozy shower until he learns or admits what he did wrong. In the next stage of helping our patient is to learn the correct way to live or learn jadi’s teachings. We use a quite fun method that contains music. It contains music since the rehab center is such a fun memorable experience. The song that will be playing will be our very own national anthem. When the patient successfully passes the stage is when he or she knows the song from heart. Our third and final stage is quizzing our patient for the love of Jadi. We will be asking questions about Jadi history, teachings and his laws that he wrote down. If the patient succeeds we will let him go back on his regular life that he lived, but it will be a better one since he has Jadis knowledge inside of him now. If the patient doesn't pass the final test he will go through the 3 phases all over. Or he might be able to qualify for his second retry if his text scores weren't that low. The mission for ministry of love it’s just too simply help people go on the right path. We are simply giving them the extra push to be with at Jadi on the physical, spiritual, and mentally level. This is the land of Jadi were we just want what’s best for you.

by victor diaz and ivan ceja

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