Fantastic Four:
Formative Assessment


  • Realtime data saved in a spreadsheet or Google Drive
  • Teacher created questions or duplicate an existing Kahoot then customize
  • Embed photos
  • All students must have device
  • Projector needed to show questions & choices
  • Like Buffalo Wild Wings trivia!


  • Multiplayer classroom activity
  • Allows for class interaction
  • Realtime Feedback
  • Create your own
  • Students can work at their own pace (different than Kahoot)
  • No projector needed (different than Kahoot)
  • Search pre-made & duplicate


  • Engaging slide presentations
  • Enhance discussions and understanding
  • Engage the reluctant learner
  • Drag and Drop previous made PowerPoints
  • Presentations saved to Google Drive
  • Student responses saved to Google Drive
  • Must have Google accounts