Archeology today

Kush, Ms.Frisch

Kush 1600 to 1100 B.C.E

Here, the Kushites were dominated by the Egyptians and forced to pay tributes such as animals, gold and slaves. There was also a time that where they lived in peace, but, from time to time, Egyptians dominated.

Kush 730 B.C.E. to 650 B.C.E

The second picture is how Kush defeated Egypt when it got into a governmental crisis because its kingdoms kept fighting each other. Later that time, Assyrians took over Egypt from Kushite hands.

Kush 590 to 410 B.C.E

The third picture represents how the Kushites made iron weapons to fight back to the Assyrians.

Kush 390 B.C.E.

In this picture, it shows how Kushites went back to their African roots, having the woman rule and going to battle. For example, in this one, the Queen Amanirenas and her son were retreating from a raid to a Roman fort.

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