Ancient Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, 840, the Pagan Kingdom came to power. There leader was Anawrahta. They were an almost 100% Buddhist kingdom. They built many temples to meditate. Didn't have a strong military but they did not fight very much. In late 1200 they fell out of power.

                                                          Khmer Empire

In the early 800's, under the rule of Angkor Wat, the Khmer Empire rose to power. With mostly Hinduism and Buddhist beliefs the were very peaceful and didn't fight very many people. One of there biggest advantages in that they were located in the rice plains and they were very wealthy of Angkor Wat's rice farms.

The territory for the Khmer Empire.
This is people today farming for rice in the same fields that the Khmer Empire used to farm in.

                                                      Trading Kingdoms

In 750, the Trading Kingdoms came around. This was the islands of Java and Sumatra. Srivijaya was the capital. They were mostly Buddhist. Had very good trade because of water ways from the island's. These people came up with Buddhist art and architecture. Mostly sculptures of there religious figure "Buddha." Had very beautiful temples and houses that they would worship in. They had multiple rulers because they were different island's. They were also called the "Srivijaya Empire."

Trading routes and cities of the Trading kingdoms (Srivijaya Empire).

                                                            Ancient Vietnam

Ancient Vietnam rose to power in 111 BC and is still around today. Under the rule of the Trung Sisters, they created their own culture. Most of their culture was based off Ancient Chinese. There two main religions were Daoism and Buddhism. They had a very very strong military for there time. There biggest crop was rice. The land was very damp which was good for farming rice. There architecture was very good with temples and houses. A lot of ancient temples are still around today in Vietnam.

Vietnam territory
Hue City in Ancient Vietnam