Food Service Managers

Taco Casa

Food Service Management is a career where you or someone else is in charge of a business that makes food and serves it to customers. If you wanted to go to college, you would have to major in management and business. Taco Casa is the place I want to do my Job Shadowing. I want to do it there because my grandfather owns the business and my uncles and dad also work there.

What they do?

A food service manager is someone who is a manager of a business or restaurant. This is what my grandfather, which is CEO of Taco Casa and my uncles and dad, who are Vice Presidents do.

Where do they work?

These food service managers usually work at restaurants or at a office, depending on the exact job you have. All though this job isn't in a hole in the ground where people get injured all the time, it gets pretty crazy making food for a lot of customers all day long. There are usually no injuries, other than maybe a cut finger from a knife, or slipping on the floor.

How to become a Food Service Manager?

If you ever want to become a food service manager, you will have to have a degree in business or be trained in the food service industry. You have to be at least 18 years old and have a friendly attitude so customers don't get mad. You can apply for the job at the restaurant. If you do good during this job, you can move higher and higher up depending on your work ethic and the hard working skills.


Most of these food service managers get paid around $54,000 a year depending on how much experience you have in food management.

Job Outlook

These manager's jobs increase around 2% per year depending on the exact job.

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