DAMIYA S. L. Spencer


I am a fan of anime. The anime girl up there Hatsun Miku. Now I also like basketball. But it seems that when I play it, for some reason. I am only good at it when I am at church. Cause i can shoot way past a 3 point at church (no lie). But it's like I can't do nothing when I'm not at church playing it. But I still play. No matter what. So because I like both anime and basketball, I put them together and I found this picture.

I was born in Kentucky. But then I came to Rocky Mount when I was 2 and half months old.

I have grew up with me and my great-grandma. Her name is Miss Gladys Cooper, and I love her. I been with when I was 2 months old. So she is like a mother to me. I know I have my birth mother. But my grandma is like a mother to me also.

I don't know my dad. But I know my ma, and I am proud of that. Over the year when kids my age started to know i didn't know my dad. They would judge me some times, that was not a good feeling. but I didn't let that bring me down.

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