Battle of Brown's Mill

Major General William T. Sherman and his army approached Atlanta the summer 1864. He was hoping to avoid laying siege on the city. Brigadier General Edward M. McCook and Major General George Stoneman each led their soldiers to Lovejoy to join forces.  There they were going to destroy all of the Confederate's train tracks that were supplying them with supplies. However, Stoneman didn't show up, so McCook retreated to the Chattahoochee River because of General Joseph Wheeler and the Confederate soldiers ready to stop the Union from invading them. On July 30, 1864, McCook was surrounded by 1,400 soldiers from the Confederates. McCook ended up loosing around 1,400 slodiers that were either wounded or Killed. Even though the Confederat soldiers were able to get the neede supplies, Sherman's plan for Atlanta was massively affected by the Batlle of Brown's Mill.

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