Homeless Teens

By: Christian M. Wilson

Definition of the word homeless:

people that has no home and are hungry on the streets asking for help.

Interesting facts about  homeless

39% of homeless people is people under 18. 1 in 7 people between 10 and 18 run away. About 75% use drugs and alcohol . 5,000 people die because of illness and assault every year. 1.7 million homeless teens in the U.S.post flyers.40% of homeless teens identify as LGBT. The average age of teens is 14.7 years. HIV rates for homeless young people are 2 to 10 times higher than reported rates for other samples.Over 50% of young people in shelters and on the streets. A US Department of Health and Human Services study found that 46% and 17% left because of sexual abuse.


How does homelessness happen and what cause it?

Homelessness happen by having no house.And having no job that you can go to. Smoking cause homelessness because there mom or dad might kick them out the house. Plus doing drugs can cause homelessness.Studies estimate that 20% of youth who arrive at shelters came foster care, and more than 25% had been in foster care the previous year. Sometime abuse cause homelessness because they might be tired of getting abuse and get out of the house.A large number of homeless young women runs away or were kicked out of the house because of pregnancy.

What are symptoms/signs of homelessness?

Lack of education and wearing the same clothes for several days. Poor health or nutrition and unmet medical. Skills of development and attendance at different schools. Lack of showers and poor self-esteem. Changes their behavior and old beyond years.Protective of parents and younger siblings.Difficulty of making friends plus difficulty trusting people.Anger about when asked about current address.I don’t remember the name of my other school” and ”We move around a lot”.”Our address is new I can’t remember it” or ”We’re going through a bad time right now”.

Who tries to help people who suffer from homelessness and what do they do to help

People that works at shelters and jobs help them. People bring food to help the homeless don't starve.Give them money so they can buy something that can help them in their life.They might give them clothes so they can get out the dirty clothes.People might educate them so they can go get a job or go back to school to go to college.They might volunteer at a shelter to help they homeless sleep and get healthier.People might volunteer their hobbies to the homeless. And might volunteer a soup kitchen so they can eat .

Extra Credit

I picked this picture because it  describes homeless teens.  

Why is it important for people to know about homelessness

So the can do something with there life in stead of being on the streets hungry and asking for help. Because more and more people lose their job. And you need to pay your bill so you do.Some people saw some people live in their cars and work while trying to survive. Nobody can get s round homelessness in is a social problem and it needs a lot of attention. So people need to keep their health up so they don't die because health is a very important thing.Help other changes other and you as well.Some help the homeless teens get off the streets.


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