What is Telemedicine?
    allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients in remote locations using telecommunications
From AMD Telemedicine


     Increased access to health care for people in remote locations
    access to specialist that may be located far away
    diagnosed and treated earlier


     Cost for hospitals to implement is substantial
    increased error in clinical services
    confidential information can be linked
    Doctor present may not be qualified for treatment needed

Examples of Telemedicine in use

     Nebraska Medical Center uses telemedicine in order to treat ebola patient. This minimized the risk of others becoming exposed to the deadly virus as well as enabling the best Ebola doctors to help him even though he was not close.

     Boston-based Partners Healthcare remotely monitors 3000 congestive hearth failure patients to help identify patients that need medical help. It has resulted in $10 million saved.


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