Google  Apps,Google Suite and  useful tips for working online, for collaborating , sharing ideas, making  presentations , learning and enhancing  teaching and language learning

Google is not only a search engine, it is a mix of apps and services which can make us work in the XXI  learning environment

Going  Google......

Basic Tools


Chrome apps..............


                        Google  Drawing

                                       Webinar presented by  Lyn Hitl on 14th January 2017

                                                     CREATING  GREETING  CARDS

                       Resources on line

Searching for more information online :

Webinars about the use of  Google Apps by  Eric Curtis

Writing  Skills  and  Ideas for ELT 

               Google  Slides

                           Google Hangouts

Creating templates with Google Slides

Using New Google Sites to communicate with parents

               Presentatin by Jayme Linton - SimpleK12   on 14th January 2017

                     New Google Sites
                and Student Portfolios

                     Google  Forms  and
                     Formative  Assessment

                     Special needs and more

                                                           Google  Arts &  Culture

Google Keep

Google Classroom  news

Developing  Writing  Skills with Google Storybuilder


Making  Slideshows

Which images?  How can we use them?

Need some help in finding images and where ?