By: Ethan Fulk Core 1 Halkuff

What we did in class Wednesday was something called meditation. The first thing we did was deep breathing. It helps when you sit straight up so the air can pass easily. The second thing we did was to let your thoughts go. It really calms you down. The third thing we did was imagining getting rid of the bad things and keep the good things. The meditation really makes you sleepy and so laid back.

I never liked meditation and I thought it would be boring. When I started meditating I can not put it in words. It relaxes your mind and helps you lose your stress. It calms you so much and you don't worry about anything. I would meditate at my house because it so relaxing and soothes your soul.

Meditation- is where you calm your breathe and it soothes your souls and it calms you down.

Mantra- a word you say to calm you down while meditating.

Deep breathing- Heavy breathing that slows your heartbeat and calms you down.

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