Beautiful Cape Verde Island

            Map of Cape Verde, Africa

            This county is in the middle of the North Atlantic

       Delicious  Pudim de Queijo Dessert

Pudim de Queijo is a dessert

This is a dessert made of 1 pound of goat cheese. It's like a cheese donut, but it's cheese pudding

             Cape Verde amazing flag

Cape Verde Flag
  • The rectangle of the flag is seen as a large blue field symbolizing the infinite space of the sea and sky.
  • The ten yellow stars represent the 10 islands.
  • The circle of the stars symbolizes the Cape Verdean Nation and its unity.

                   Fun Places To Visit

Cape Verde Resorts

São Vicente Church

Sao Vicente Church in Cape Verde


School in Cape Verde


At Cape Verde we speak Crioulo most of the time. We speak Crioulo at work.


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