Garden play
By: Madi Poplawski

The sweet taste of raspberries              Exploded in my mouth
Their pale gold skin
Bursts at the slightest pressure

Turquoise and lavender flowers Arching above my head
Emerald vines
Tracing woven patterns
Holding the fairy dresses aloft

Chocolate wicker baskets
Sharp, flashing trimmers
Snipping, clipping, gathering weeds
As I trim the butterfly garden

A soft clatter fills the air
Wood and seeds
Make an almost musical tinkering
As the birds’ breakfast
Is hung upon a tree

Wary copper and snowy rabbits
Hop slowly
Through the long jade grass
Making their way
To the shadowed Holly Woods
The best distraction from work

Peering out from the shady bushes
Waiting in suspense
To leap
And elicit joyful shrieks
Of terror from friends

Cool air envelopes me
The dry husks
Brush softly
As I gather their wrinkled seeds
To grow another arch
In the spring

Saffron petals opened
To create a beautiful circlet
Long Kelly stems beg
to be woven together

So we do

We weave crowns
And tuck daffodils together
Then scurry off
With our sweet smelling reward

Some of the best days are here
Among plants and animals
No learning or class
Just us
And Nature

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