Living in the Arabian Peninsula

Brooklyn Parrish

Living in the coastal plains-       Tips for living in the coastal plains are farming things like grains, fruits, and vegetables. They also collected fragrant tree sap to make myrrh and frankincense, witch Europeans used as incense, perfumes, and medicine. You could also trade in the coastal plains. People sent their goods by caravan.

Living in the desserts-       Tips for living in the desserts are having camels for traveling. People also raised sheep and goats. You could also live by some where with water like an oases because their are often trading and rest places by them. You would need to wear loose clothing in the day and heavier clothing at night because it's cold.

Living in the oases-        Tips for living in an oases are you should bring something to put some water in because it is fresh water. It was a good place for farming because of the fresh water, so you could probably farm some of the things you needed, such as dates, peaches, and grains to make bread.

Living in the mountains-        Tips for living in the mountains are making houses out of mud bricks, and they would farm on terraces, or flat areas, they would farm things like fruits, melons, and pomegranates. They also grew trees to produce frankincense and myrrh. People also constructed dams, and irrigation systems, and they stored extra rainwater underground storage containers, leather bags, and hollowed out trees.

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