Rene Descartes


Rene Descartes was born on March 31st, 1596, in his small town of La Haye in Central France. He was a French philosopher, a scientist, and a mathematician. When he was one years old, his mother died, his father, a council member sent him and his two siblings to live with their maternal grandmother. His father got remarried and sent Rene at age eight to Boarding school; Jesuit College for seven years.


1. What is a Real Distinction?

It is important to note that for Descartes “real distinction” is a technical term denoting the distinction between two or more substances (see Principles, part I, section 60).


He impacted the world by developing the important concepts in mathematics and philosophy.

You can see his work anywhere because he wrote books, like 'Meditation and other metaphysical writings', or 'Essays on the philosophy and science of Rene Descartes'.

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