The Good and the Bad about Thinglink

          There is a website online called Like every other website it has its pros and its cons. A good thing about this website is that you are able to connect links, videos, images, etc to a video. It works very similar like if your are tagging people. But a bad thing I did found in this website was that it requires you to put your email. Now the bad thing about this is that a lot of junk mail gets send to your email.

How We Can Use Thinglink

The website is really cool due to the fact of how you are able to put links, images, videos, etc into a certain video. We can use these features social media wise. For example, you can post a funny video on you on a social media website and at the same time connect that video to other funny videos on you. Although the thinglink features are really cool, I personally don't think it would be much of use education wise due to you can't relate much to algebra, chemistry, or U.S. History.

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