Marketing Mix

What is marketing mix?

Marketing mix is a recipe for an effective marketing. using the marketing mix when planning the marketing for a product allows for a constant approach,when determining a product or brand's offer. It includes the four p's.

What is the four p's?

The marketing mix is the combination of product, price, place and promotion for any businesses.

1)Product- The features and appearance of goods and services.

2)Price- How much customers pay for a product.

3)Place- The way in which a product is distributed-how it gets from the producer to the customers.

4)promotion-How customers are informed about the product.

customer focus
Quite simply, a business that has a “customer focus” is one which takes the time and troubleto understand and address customer needs.A customer is anyone who buys a product – either a good or a service – from a business. Acustomer will be satisfied with his/her purchase if the product meets the customer’s needs.So it is essential that a business has a good understanding of what customers want and needfrom a product.If customer needs are met, then the customer is generally satisfied.The following ideas are usually considered to be fundamental in achieving customer satisfaction:• The product or service must deliver what is promised – i.e. it must be of good quality• Sales and promotional activities need to create a positive experience for the customer.For example, the attitudes of staff that make contact with customers should be positiveand professional.

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