Fault in our stars

Hazel And Augustus Love Moments

Chaper 1; By the time Hazel is 17, her mother thinks she is depressed. Hazel says depression is one of the side effects listed in the cancer pamphlets that she reads. Hazels says depression is a side effect of dying rather than the cancer itself. She describes the cancer survivor support group her mother forces her to attend.

Chapter 2;Hazel notices what a horrible driver he is. He says he blames it on his prosthetic leg, which forces him to drive with his left foot instead of his right. He says he passed the driving test on the fourth try. Hazel starts to tell Augustus about her diagnosis, but chooses to make her outcome as a rosy as possible, which is not exactly the truth. Hazel tells Augustus she got her GED so now she's taking classes at the local community college.

Chapter 4; t's about a girl that has blood cancer that starts a charity for cholera. The book ends mid sentence. Hazel has written dozens of letters to the author to try to find out what happens. Hazel texts Augustus to tell him what she thought of his book.

Chapter 7; After they live, her nurse, Allison, fills Hazel in on what happened the two days she was asleep. The nurse tells her that her boyfriend hasn't really left the waiting room since Hazel got there. Hazel spends the next six days in the hospital.

Chapter 8;Hazel and her parents have a cancer meeting with her doctors. The doctors tell her that her cancer is not going away but that they've seen patients like her live for a long time.

Chapter 9: the day before she leaves, Hazel visits the support group. Hazel runs unto Isaac there. Isaac says he's up-to-date on her life because Gus is always talking about Hazel. After group, Isaac invites over to his house, where they play his and Augustus's favorite video game.

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